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How to Get Rid of Razor Burn

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Razor burns are tiny irritated bumps on the skin that occurs due to shaving. Sometimes, after you shave certain bacteria attack the hair follicles and make the shaved hairs grow inward instead of outward, leading to skin rashes and irritation. They can occur due to shaving any part of your skin including your chin, neck, legs, arms and armpits.

There are many ways to prevent and get rid of razor bumps easily at home. These unattractive and irritating bumps can affect all types of skin. This article discusses how you can keep those irritating and unsightly bumps away to get soft and smooth skin.

Best Ways for Getting Rid of Razor Burns

You can get rid of razor burns naturally or use certain ointments and chemicals. Both ways, there are several effective remedies for this problem.

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Natural Remedies

Here are the most effective natural home remedies:

  • Witch Hazel: Its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent properties make it useful for relieving the irritation and inflammation caused by the bumps. Apply witch hazel hydrosol on the affected skin area using a cotton ball or pad.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe the irritation and cure the infection. Apply some aloe vera lotion or gel on the razor burn affected area, leaving it on for the skin to absorb the nutrients. This is one of the fastest natural ways to get rid of razor burns.
  • Tea Tree Oil: The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of tea tree oil make it one of the most effective treatment options for razor bumps and infection.
  • Olive Oil: You can also use olive oil to relieve the itching and irritation resulting from the bumps.

Treatment Options For Razor Burn Cure

  • Antibiotic and Antibacterial Creams: There are many over-the-counter antibiotic and antibacterial creams available at drug stores that can be used for healing the infection. These creams should be applied on the affected area daily until the bumps clear. It is advisable to consult a doctor before using these products to make sure they are not going to cause any allergic reactions.
  • Retin-A Cream: This is another useful treatment option that can be used on any skin type. This topical vitamin A derivative helps to soothe the skin irritation associated with this problem while preventing any scarring.
  • Hydrocortisone Cream: Hydrocortisone has moisturizing properties that help to soften the affected skin area, soothing the itching and irritation. Additionally, this cream reduces the swelling and redness associated with the bumps. Regular application of a hydrocortisone cream is one of the fastest and best remedies for razor burn.
  • Aspirin: Its main metabolite, salicylic acid, is an active agent used in numerous acne solution products. Salicylic acid opens the skin pores by removing any dead cells while also killing the bacteria attacking your hair follicles. These properties make it useful for reducing inflammation and redness associated with this condition. Crush some aspirin and then add some water for making a thick paste. Now, apply this paste over your affected skin area and leave it on to dry before rinsing off using lukewarm water. This helps you get rid of the burns within a very short time.
  • Needle or Tweezers Remedy: This remedy is used to get rid of razor burns on the sensitive skin regions such as the bikini line. Take a hot shower. Then use a needle or a pair of tweezers to release and remove the hair growing backwards into your skin. Make sure to disinfect the needle and tweezers using rubbing alcohol.

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How to Prevent Razor Burns

If you experience this problem each time after shaving, you should take a few precautions to prevent them from occurring the next time. It is easier to avoid the bumps from occurring rather than curing them overnight as once you get the burns, you need to stop shaving altogether at least for a few days.

Use a new Sharp Razor

Make sure to use sharp razor blades each time you shave as using blunt blades is often the main reason behind razor burns. Due to this reason, it is recommended to buy affordable razors that you can easily throw away after a few uses. Using the gender specific razors also helps to prevent the problem to some extent.

Wash the Skin with Warm Water

Wash the skin area you are going to shave with lukewarm water just before shaving. The warmth and steam of the water help to open up the skin pores while softening the skin as well as the hair in that region.

Shaving Cream, Gel and Lotion

Always use a shaving lotion, cream or gel as this keeps the area lubricated, thus preventing razor burns. It is ideal to use a shaving brush to apply the cream properly on the skin before shaving.

The Blade

It is advisable to use single blade razors if you usually get razor burns each time you shave. It is true that the single blade razors do not give as close a shave as the multi-blade ones, but they help to heal the razor burned skin by minimizing the damage. Another thing to keep in mind is rinsing the blade after every stroke. This helps to remove the hair on the razor to give you a closer and smoother shave, reducing the chances of razor bumps. It helps to reapply the shaving cream to the area after a stroke as this keeps the skin moist.

Use Accurate Shaving Technique

Never push your razor into your skin while shaving; the weight of the razor should put enough pressure for removing the hair properly. Make sure to shave correctly with the grain or direction of your hair to prevent razor burns. Shaving against the hair’s grain often raises the chances of ingrown hair, inflammation and irritation. Use short strokes as long strokes often lead you to press down hard on your skin, heightening the risks of razor bumps by increasing the skin-razor contact.

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Apply a Moisturizer or Aftershave Lotion

Wash the skin with cold water after shaving as this reduces the inflammation to soothe the area. It is also advisable to use a moisturizing lotion to keep the skin soft and prevent the inward hair growth. Applying an aftershave lotion can also be useful. However, it should be avoided if you have any half-healed razor burns from the previous shave. You can also apply a stick deodorant containing aloe immediately after shaving to prevent razor burns at sensitive areas, such as the bikini line.

It should be mentioned in the end that avoiding shaving for a few days is advisable to let the burns go away completely. This makes sure that they do not come back easily when you shave the next time with all the above precautionary measures. Also, make sure to cleanse the skin regularly to keep the skin pores open for preventing the infection from worsening. Avoid using products that contain alcohol as it tends to dry your skin and clog the pores further to aggravate the symptoms.

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