How To Get Rid Of Nausea

Nausea, an unpleasant feeling in the stomach, often leads to vomiting and may or may not indicate some serious health problem. There are various possible causes for nausea with the less serious ones including motion sickness, jet lag, overeating and pregnancy. Your nausea may also be a side effect of some antibiotic medicine or birth control pills you take. Working out for a long time may also lead to this problem. Nausea is also one of the earliest symptoms of various conditions like stomach flu, diarrhea, ulcer, heart attack and certain types of cancer. It may or may not be accompanied by other symptoms like headache, stomach ache and dizziness.

There are various ways to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling in your stomach when it is caused by things like anxiety or fatigue. This article discusses some of the best treatments and home remedies for relieving nausea instantly.

Natural Remedies for Getting Rid of Nausea

If you are feeling nauseated, try the following home remedies and they will reduce the uncomfortable sensation unless it has a serious underlying cause.

  • Ginger is counted among the best natural remedies for nausea. You cans take ginger in any form including ginger syrup, ginger candy, ginger root capsules and ginger tea.
  • You can take 1 to 2 tablespoons of ginger and onion juice mixture along with a little honey to get rid of nausea fast.
  • Drinking a cup of any herbal tea such as chamomile tea, peppermint tea, catnip tea, basil tea etc can provide relief from nausea and lightheadedness. Herbal candies are also useful for this purpose. The calming effects of peppermint help to get rid of nausea also while pregnant. Ginger tea is one of the most effective ways to get rid of nausea and stomach cramps during period.
  • You can prepare another effective home remedy using some cumin seeds and lime juice. Soak some cumin seeds overnight in some lime juice. The next morning dry the mixture properly in the sun and store it in an airtight container. Take half tablespoon of the dried ginger along with one glass lukewarm water to relieve nausea. You may have to continue taking this homemade medicine for 2 to 3 days to cure the problem completely.
  • Drinking some rice water is another effective way to control nausea. Boil half cup rice in one cup of water and collect the water by straining the mixture 10 to 20 minutes after cooking. Then, drink this water whenever you feel nauseated.
  • You can also drink one cup of buttermilk along with 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls of honey twice a day to get rid of nausea quickly.
  • If you need an instant remedy for nausea, have a pinch of cinnamon powder as this is the easiest way to get rid of this problem naturally without much effort on your part.
  • Smelling a piece of lemon can also be useful for this purpose. It is an excellent remedy for nausea that occurs after throwing up. Having lemon in any form, including lemon candies and lemon water, can also help to get rid of nausea (morning sickness) and vomiting during pregnancy.
  • Add a teaspoonful of chopped mint leaves to a cup of water and boil the mixture. Strain this mixture and then add half teaspoon cardamom powder to it. Drink this mixture very slowly to treat your nausea.
  • Add 1 tablespoon each of honey and apple cider vinegar to one cup of water and mix it well. Drink this mixture when you feel nauseated as this is another efficient remedy for this problem.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Nausea


There are many other ways for getting rid of the queasy feeling apart from the ones mentioned above:

  • One of the best ways to relive nausea is to lie down, breathing fresh air and trying to relax. This is the most effective solution for stress-related nausea. Taking a few deep breaths is the simplest remedy as it helps to reduce the stress which is causing the problem. Take slow and controlled breaths to control your heart and mind.
  • Go to an open and airy place immediately if the nausea is resulting from an unpleasant smell, such as the smell of a perfume or oil. This is also the best remedy for fighting nausea caused by the fumes of some harmful chemical.
  • You can eat a banana when feeling nauseated as this is an effective remedy for nausea caused by some gastric disorder.
  • Massaging your wrist can help you to reduce nausea and prevent it from occurring again. The point pressure is approximately two fingers lower than the bottom part of your palm. Use your index finger and middle finger to find the point pressure on your least. Then point massage with your thumb for about 2-3 minutes putting medium pressure.
  • Jogging is an efficient remedy for anxiety and nausea. It helps to reduce the pressure on your digestive system by relaxing the muscles and makes you feel better by releasing endorphins, the feel-good neurotransmitters. Jogging also helps to regulate your hormone levels, thus controlling anxiety.
  • Staying hydrated is another useful way to prevent and reduce nausea as water helps to keep your digestive system clean, getting rid of any unhealthy elements that may be causing the nausea. Drinking water is also an effective treatment for anxiety. So start taking small sips from a glass of water whenever you feel nauseated. This is an effective way to reduce nausea that is often experienced after exercising or running.
  • Drinking lots of fruit juices (preferably pineapple juice) and water is one of the most well known ways to get rid of hangover nausea. The main reason you get nauseated when hung-over is that the alcohol dehydrates your body. So, drinking plenty of fluids helps to keep you hydrated while fighting the symptoms.
  • You can eat some bland food like crackers, taking small bites while drinking some water between bites. When overeating is not the underlying cause of the nausea, having a little food in the stomach helps to alleviate the symptoms.

These are some of the best ways to get rid of nausea, resulting from any of the above non-serious factors. So, next time you feel nauseated, go to your kitchen and prepare your own remedy to get rid of the problem at home without medicines.

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