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How To Get Rid Of Dandruff?

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Dandruff is one of the most common dermatological conditions faced by people of all ages throughout the world. It worsens during winters. If not taken care of in time then it can turn into a very annoying, chronic problem. The embarrassment involved with white, flaky skin shedding on the clothes and becoming even more prominent on darker colors, is already sensationalized worldwide via TV commercial ads.

Let us now go to the root of this problem and try to apply the solutions for best result in curing it as well as preventing it.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff

Symptoms Of Dandruff

There are many symptoms of dandruff. We must remember that symptoms of dandruff are different from that of dry scalp, even though both conditions indulge into itchy sensation.

  • Oily flakes of skin smears.
  • White flakes on the hair and scalp.
  • Head feels tingly.
  • Head might feel itchy and tight or heavy.
  • Head might have a sore sensation all the time.
  • Greasy, reddish skin patches.
  • Scaling and crusting rashes on the scalp.

What Causes Dandruff?

Various conditions are responsible for dandruff problems.

  • Less Hair Wash – Excessive oil and dead skin cells accumulation on the scalp can lead to dandruff problems. Thus, it is recommended to shampoo and wash the hair regularly.
  • Dry Skin – Dry skin is the most common cause for dandruff.
  • Contact Dermatitis – Some people are allergic to some of the hair care product ingredients. Using such products can cause itchy, flaky skin with irritation and redness.
  • Psoriasis – This is the name given to a special condition in which dead skin cells gather over the scalp to form a thick silvery scale layer that flakes off.
  • Malassezia – It is a fungus that develops on the scalp. Under usual circumstances, this fungus does not harm the skin. In some cases these fungi develop to an extent which causes irritation on the scalp and finally leading to dandruff.
  • Seborrheic – This condition leaves the scalp oily. Flaky scales stay on the scalp and initiates irritation and redness.
  • Less Hair Brushing – Brushing the hair sheds less lets the dry skin cells gather on the scalp which leads to dandruff problems.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Fast?

Though it is a very common dermatological condition but it should not be taken lightly. One can try home remedies or kitchen therapies, homeopathy, allopathic and even usual cosmetic procedures to cure it.

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Home Remedies

Many kitchen commodities are extremely affective in curing dandruff.

  • Fenugreek Seeds – Grind about 2 table spoons of these seeds and soak in 2 cups of running water for overnight. Strain the seeds and wash the hair with the water after shower, before last rinse.
  • Neem Leaves – Soak about 2 handfuls of fresh neem leaves in 5 cups of hot water for overnight. Both the leaves and the water can be used separately for hair treatment. Wash the hair with the strained water just before rinsing after bath. The leaves can be made into a paste and applied as a hair mask. The mask should be carefully washed off after 45 mins. of applying it.
  • Henna Treatment – Weekly henna hair pack treatment prevents dandruff problem. Blend 2 raw eggs, 4 tea spoons of lemon juice, 4 tea spoons of coffee, 1 tea spoon of fenugreek seeds and enough amount of henna according to the hair length with 1 cup of liquor tea. Apply this hair pack and leave for 2 hours before washing very carefully so as to not leave any dry particles on the scalp.
  • Tea Tree Oil – This oil can be blended in the regular oil or shampoo and applied to the hair before washing it off.
  • Baking Soda – After washing the hair apply a small amount of baking soda mixed with water, on the root of the hair strands. Let it be for 2-3 mins and then wash it off very nicely with lukewarm water. This can be repeated twice a week.
  • Olive Oil – Warm up some olive oil and gently massage on the scalp and hair roots. Leave the oil on the scalp for about half an hour and then wash it off with shampoo.
  • Olive oil and Rosemary – Put some fresh rosemary in a jar of olive oil and keep it under sunlight for 2-3 days. Strain the oil and massage it on the scalp. Soak a towel in warm water and squeeze out the water. Then wrap the warm towel on the head and keep it for half an hour before shampooing off it off.
  • Olive and Almond Oil – Blend equal proportion of olive and almond oil. Warm up the mixture a little and massage on the scalp. Wash it after 2 hrs.
  • Apple Juice – Blend fresh apple juice with warm water in equal proportions. Dab the liquid with cotton on the scalp and let it stay for half an hour. Do this twice a week for best results.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Mix same amount of apple cider vinegar and water. Apply it on the scalp and leave it for half an hour then wrap warm towel on the hair. Leave the warm towel for half an hour and then shampoo it off.
  • Lemon Juice – Mix one freshly squeezed lemon juice in 1 lit. of water. Rinse it as last rinse after shampooing.
  • Aloe Vera Gel – Apply fresh aloe vera gel on the scalp to get rid of dandruff.
  • Lemon Juice and Coconut Oil – Mix lemon juice and coconut oil in the ratio of 1:5. Apply on hair roots. This could be repeated 3-4 times a week.
  • Yoghurt and Black Pepper – Mix 1 cup of yoghurt and 2 tea spoons of powdered black pepper. Apply the hair pack and let it stand for about 15-20 mins before shampooing off.
  • Camphor and Coconut Oil – Mix 1 tea spoon of camphor to 5 table spoons of coconut oil and apply on hair. Keep it over night and shampoo it off the next morning.
  • Tulsi and Amla – Make a paste of amla powder and tulsi with water. Apply the mask on hair and wash it off when it dries up.
  • Egg – Beat 2-3 eggs together and apply on the hair roots. Shampoo it off after 1 and half hours.
  • Beetroot and Garlic Juice – Apply a blend of beetroot and garlic juice with a little vinegar on the scalp. Wash the hair after half an hour.
  • Green Gram – Apply green gram paste with yoghurt on the hair and wash it off after about an hour.
  • Hibiscus – Grind hibiscus leaves and apply on the scalp and hair. Wash it off after half an hour. It is an extremely effective way to remove dandruff and improve hair texture.
  • Curd and Lemon – Mix 5 tea spoons of lemon juice with 1 cup of curd. Apply it and leave it on hair for about 15 mins. before shampooing.
  • Shampoo – Nowadays many medicated shampoos and even cosmetic shampoos are available that specializes in dandruff treatment. A few drops of tea tree oil can be mixed with the shampoo for best results.
  • Medication – Ayurveda, homeopathy and allopathic medicines and lotions are available that cure dandruff.


  • Shampoo – Nowadays many medicated shampoos and even cosmetic shampoos are available that specializes in dandruff treatment. A few drops of tea tree oil can be mixed with the shampoo for best results.
  • Medication – Ayurveda, homeopathy and allopathic medicines and lotions are available that cure dandruff.

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Lifestyle affects the health from inside out. Even dandruff problem can be prevented by a little lifestyle caution.

  • Expert Advice – Seek for doctor’s help if dandruff condition persists for more than a fortnight. The sooner it is treated the faster it will heal and might not develop into a chronic problem.
  • Switch Products – When a particular anti-dandruff product stops working after a span of duration or does not work at all then change the product. Do not persist with one product and wait for result.
  • Be Patient – Even though it is suggested to change the product when it does not work, but be patient till a few weeks for the product to work on the condition.
  • Know The Ingredients – Read the label to know the ingredients of the product before choosing it. Different ingredients work for different skin types.
  • Herbal Oils – This is the best possible way of keeping dandruff at bay. Do not go for fancy brands or lucrative advertising. Choose a simple type of herbal oil for regular oil massage of the hair.
  • Maintenance – Maintain the hair hygiene properly. Wash the hair regularly, avoiding over wash or under wash.
  • Limit Cosmetics – Use limited artificial hair-styling products. They harm the hair from deep down the roots.
  • Less Stress – Do not stress yourself much. Like all other health problems even dandruff is a result of mental and physical over-stress.
  • Healthy Diet – Nothing more works wonders like a healthy and balanced diet can do in avoiding the risk of dandruff.

By following the tips and suggestions in the article, we hope, you find your help in dealing with the condition.









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