How To Get Rid Of A Sore Throat Fast

Sore throat is an uncomfortable condition which causes extreme itching and irritation in the throat. It can result from various underlying causes with the most common ones being fever, cough and cold. The lower pharynxes are often aggravated by viruses, sinus drainage or coughing, causing soreness and inflammation. Sore throat may also result from various types of allergies and infections. Bacteria like Streptococcus are generally the main culprit for the condition, especially in children. There are many ways to get rid of a sore throat with this article dealing with some of the quickest remedies for this problem.

Best Ways to Get Rid of a Sore Throat

There are numerous natural and home remedies for getting rid of a sore throat quickly. These remedies can effectively cure your sore throat unless it is caused by some serious underlying condition.


Gargling with warm water can help you to get rid of a mild sore throat overnight. This remedy is useful for more stubborn cases as well. Here are some of the most effective gargle remedies:

Salt Water: Take a glassful of warm water (not too warm that it burns your mouth) and mix half a teaspoon salt to it. Now, gargle with this mixture without swallowing. The warm water and salt relieves the sore throat by getting rid of the mucus.

Cider Vinegar: You can also try a gentle antiseptic like apple cider vinegar for gargling. Take a glass of warm water and add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to it. Gargle with the water rinsing your mouth with normal water each time after spitting out the vinegar mixture.

Cayenne Pepper: Gargle with warm water after adding a little cayenne pepper to it. This is an excellent remedy for those stubborn cases where the sore throat refuses to go away even after several weeks.

Mustard Seed: Mustard seed gargle is another way to get rid of a sore throat quickly. Boil 1 and ¼ cups of water; then add one tablespoon mustard powder, one table spoon salt and half a lemon juice to the water. Leave the mixture to seep for about 15 minutes and then gargle with it.

Lemon and Honey

The combination of lemon juice and honey is a very effective home remedy for sore throat. Add half teaspoonful lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey to a cup of warm water along with some cinnamon powder. Now, drink the mixture like tea before bedtime for fighting sore throat and boosting your immune system. The warm water along with the vitamin C (lemon juice) prevents mucus build up in your throat, relieving the symptom of sore throat.

Turmeric Honey and Ginger

Mix one tablespoon of honey, some grated ginger and a small amount of turmeric powder together. Consume this mixture along with warm water to alleviate a bad sore throat.

Red Clover Honey

Take one tablespoonful red clover honey three times a day to get rid of a severe sore throat without medicine.

Green Tea

Drinking plenty of green tea is another effective remedy as the antioxidants in green tea are highly beneficial for fighting the underlying causes of a sore throat.

Herbal Tea

Drinking herbal tea helps to relieve the sore throat quickly. Numerous types of herbal teas including chamomile tea, ginger tea, sage tea, cinnamon tea, licorice tea and lemon tea are beneficial for a sore throat. Herbal teas are also effective for fighting other common symptoms of cold. Drink 2 to 4 cups of a herbal tea every day until the symptoms of sore throat subside.


Drinking a bowl of warm soup is one of the fastest ways to cure a mild case of sore throat. Soup can relieve the sore throat while providing you with essential nutrients and strengthening your immune system. But, you need to keep in mind that drinking extremely hot soup can be harmful for the throat. So, make sure to cool it down before drinking it.

Medicated Lozenges

Medicated lozenges containing phenol are excellent for soothing a sore throat as their phenol content kills the germs causing the problem. The effects of these lozenges last for a specific amount of time (typically 8 hour); so, you may need to take more than one lozenges if the symptoms persist. This is one of the best remedies for a sore throat accompanied by cough and cold.

Tips for Getting Rid of a Sore Throat

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind for accelerating the healing process:

  • Allow your throat to rest by talking as little as possible.
  • Keep your throat moist as dryness in the throat can lead to the symptoms of sore throat.
  • Avoid inhaling any type of smoke as this can worsen the symptoms of sore throat.
  • Avoid consuming any sugary foods like cakes as this can irritate your sore throat even further. It is also advisable to avoid caffeine until the symptoms subside.
  • Avoid dairy products like milk, butter and ice cream as they can increase the mucus production in some individuals. So, stay away from dairy unless you want to suffer from a stuffy nose at the same time.
  • Watch for any additional symptoms like rash, swollen lymph glands and the presence of pus in your throat area. Seek immediate medical assistance in case you have any of these symptoms.
  • Contact a medical practitioner if your sore throat refuses to go away after one week as this may indicate some serious underlying problem.

The above remedies and guidelines can help you to get rid of a sore throat at home within a short time, if not instantly. It is advisable to check with an expert before using any remedy to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in it.

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